by Quicksilver Night

Precipice 04:39
In my life, was I wrong? Have I known all along? I wonder now, did I give enough? Am I shriven of my sins? Have I lost my way? Find another day. I've arrived at this point of no return Still alive, but there's more yet to be learned Those bridges burn... Far too late, start again. Hesitate at the end I fail to see; there's no reason here, only sudden fear Why now? Have I gained some truth wasted on my youth? Did I blink? It all somehow passed me by Now I think it I just simply closed my eyes I chose my lies All of this, not enough, meaningless without love What shall I choose? Do I stand and jump or let myself fall? It's all a question of my will. I am breathing still I've arrived at this point of no return Still alive, but there's more yet to be learned Those bridges burn...
Lucent 04:01
Each yesterday illuminates… Look to the past, shaded; like colored glass, faded And through this lens, focused, the truth amends, holds us in place… Tomorrow knows a shining hope… The here and now yet holds a vision clear but cold Do we accept, inured? Our dreams deflect, deferred, still wait… And drift away We are both the shadows and the light Silhouetted in each other’s sight Curtains on the windows of our eyes Candles in the mirrors of our minds Burning in cold flame, embers soon dimming… Our yesterdays, distant faint glow, illuminate each tomorrow… Footprints on sand, shifting in open hands, sifting Unbroken lines, winding onward through time, finding our way…
Here, at the ledge, fear whispers soft doubt Clear in my head, near and reaching out My will sustains; I steel my resolve Who still remains? You failed to evolve But I’ve gone beyond this.


Each of the three songs of Quicksilver Night's digital-only album "Lucent" explores themes related to the choices that we make in the face of our apparent freewill and the aftermath of those choices. The lyrics are intended to be relevant to the basic human condition and generally reflect a philosophy that transcends issues of personal faith; these are the questions that drive us all.


released March 2, 2012

“Leap of Faith” original artwork ©2009 by Randall Lee at Twofrom8 Design, stock by Markus Ranum


all rights reserved



Quicksilver Night Productions Yorktown, Virginia

Quicksilver Night Productions (QNP) is my music publishing and production company that also operates as a de facto record label. Although I jokingly refer to myself as “First Among Equals” at QNP and am deeply involved in all facets at every step of the way I know that can’t do this alone; I am very grateful for the support of my song-specific collaborators and tech-savvy friends. ... more

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