No Contest 05:02


Quicksilver Night’s “No Contest” mini EP is an eclectic trio of saxophone-driven songs overlaid with hints of jazz, blues, funk – and even a touch of progressive – but are straightforward rock at their core.

Although the songs that comprise this “No Contest” mini EP and those of the forthcoming full-length “Asymptote” album are all instrumental pieces and all were recorded more or less contemporaneously, those of “No Contest” have a markedly different flavor so I thought it best to release them separately from – and, due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel and warehousing, ahead of – the “Asymptote” album.

"I composed the three songs of the 'No Contest' mini EP (and many more songs in a similar vein) during my career as a Guitar Player in various US Army bands. I’ve performed in small ensembles in numerous configurations and at all manner of events, formal or otherwise, and we would play in wildly divergent genres from one song to the next, often switching styles mid-song at the whim of whomever happened to be soloing at the time. As you can imagine we sometimes had nights that seemed to be by-the-numbers jamming but there were also moments of wild improvisational creativity, varying from gig to gig. We were often unobtrusive and sometimes overlooked – we used to often joke that we played 'music to be ignored by' – but some of my fondest musical memories stem from those performances. Jeff was also a military musician, a sax player by trade, and no stranger to that sort of thing. He was instrumental (if you’ll pardon the pun) in helping me realize this vision. I would be thrilled to find out this has all come full circle and invite any performing military musicians to play these songs; I’ll gladly send you the charts free of charge!"


released November 27, 2020

Jeff Saunders: Alto & Bari Saxes throughout
Jae Sinnett: Drums throughout
Donnell Smith: Bass on “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”
Jason Cale: Solo guitar on “Lark”
Warren Russell: Guitars and everything else, real or virtual

Recorded at Sandcastle Records in Nashville TN and Crabhouse Studio in Chesapeake VA
Jae Sinnett’s drums recorded at Master Sound Studio in Virginia Beach, VA
Mastering by Jason Cale at Crabhouse Studio in Chesapeake VA
Produced by Jason Cale & Warren Russell

“No Contest” original photo copyright 2019 by Pete Feds Photography
All songs composed by Warren C Russell, ASCAP
© & ℗ 2020 Quicksilver Night Productions


all rights reserved



Quicksilver Night Productions Yorktown, Virginia

Quicksilver Night Productions (QNP) is my music publishing and production company that also operates as a de facto record label. Although I jokingly refer to myself as “First Among Equals” at QNP and am deeply involved in all facets at every step of the way I know that can’t do this alone; I am very grateful for the support of my song-specific collaborators and tech-savvy friends. ... more

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