The remorselessly driving “Exeunt” describes the end of a relationship in a classic rock style but is operatically-tinged with progressive and neoclassical elements.

A native of Newport News, Virginia, Meagan Finning is a gifted soprano with an exceptionally clear timbre who left an indelible stamp on the Quicksilver Night catalog by delivering her signature vocals to the “Lucent” digital EP (2012) and the full-length album “Reliquary” (2015). 2016’s standalone single “Exeunt” was a song I’d originally set aside for another project but the song fit Meagan’s voice and we had one last opportunity to work with her before she moved away so we took advantage of it.

A full-time private guitar instructor at GMI Studio in Whiteville, North Carolina, Milt Gore has been playing guitar since age five. With a broad range of influences and varied palette of guitar colors at his command, Milt easily switches styles to best serve the song and can evoke the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, and Eddie Van Halen at the drop of a hat while somehow still remaining stylistically himself.


Rain strikes the pavement and collects in the street…
Unclean but blameless, and washing tears to the sea…
Take a deep breath, collect myself, stiffening
I just walk away…

Wind whispers softly of the things I’ve done wrong…
Recriminations all die unborn on my tongue…
There was so much more I should have done for you
than equivocate…

But now that you’re
gone … made your exit from the stage…
I … am left waiting for an encore that will never be played…

Lights fade behind me as the road rolls beneath…
Silence reminds me of all those dim memories…
Take a deep breath, collect myself, stiffening
I just drive away…

But now that you’re
gone … made your exit from the stage…
I … am left waiting for an encore that will never be played…

Exeunt (ɛksɪˌʌnt) n.
1. A stage direction for more than one actor to leave the stage
2. An act of one or more actors leaving the stage


released February 14, 2016
Lead Vocals by Meagan Finning
Solo and Outro Guitars by Milt Gore
Intro, Rhythm, & Fill Guitars – along with Everything Else, real or virtual – by Warren Russell
Music & Lyrics by Warren Russell (ASCAP)

Recorded by Alex O’Loughlin at Sandcastle Records, Norfolk VA
Mastered by Borislav Dimitrov (aka Boro) at HiZ Productions
Produced by Warren Russell and Alex O’Loughlin

“Exeunt” digital manipulation artwork by Randall Lee at Twofrom8 Design, ©2016 All Rights Reserved

© & ℗ 2016 Quicksilver Night Productions


all rights reserved



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