Boobie Stoops – On the Line (ft. Jeremy Barnes)

by Quicksilver Night Productions



On the Line” features the dynamic and humorous lyricism of Byron Johnson in outrageous flow as his alter-ego Boobie Stoops and the ferociously nimble guitar acrobatics of Australian über-shredder Jeremy Barnes layered over a relentlessly driving jazz-inflected groove.

Jeremy Barnes has long maintained that his primary goal as a guitarist is to achieve the ultimate possible level of technique and musicality on the instrument and he has gained worldwide recognition as one of the fastest guitarists on the planet.

“On the Line” began life as my final project in an Electronic Music course at Old Dominion University. I was researching into music that incorporated the sounds of a telephone’s Dual Tone Multi-Frequencies (DTMF) as actual instruments instead of mere effects. I’ll spare you details here except to say that I used a combination of DTMF sounds which I then overlaid onto a bass and drums groove rhythmically based upon the length of the DTMF sequences and the general harmonic structure suggested by their approximate pitches. (The DTMF sounds intentionally do not precisely match those that we generally use in music.) It was an experiment that led to a very cool instrumental track that we later developed into a full-blown song.

The trivia hounds among you might note with satisfaction that I used the DTMF generator to create the sound of the telephone number 867-5309 in homage to Tommy Tutone’s 1982 hit.


Damn! That's another day gone. Here's my thought when I wake up roll over and check my phone...


released March 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Quicksilver Night Productions Yorktown, Virginia

Quicksilver Night Productions (QNP) is my music publishing and production company that also operates as a de facto record label. Although I jokingly refer to myself as “First Among Equals” at QNP and am deeply involved in all facets at every step of the way I know that can’t do this alone; I am very grateful for the support of my song-specific collaborators and tech-savvy friends. ... more

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