Prime Mover – Loss of All Control

by Quicksilver Night Productions



Prime Mover: 1) The original force in a series of transmissions of force; 2) Any initiating or principal force; 3) Any natural force applied by people to produce power, as muscular energy or flowing water; 4) A machine, as a turbine, that converts a natural force into productive power; 5) In the Aristotelian philosophical tradition, the first cause of all movement, itself unmoved.

“Loss of All Control” is a song that describes overwhelming waves of desire crashing against the failing levees of social decorum.“Hooked” is the lyrically powerful statement of a man that has reached the limits of his patience with his girl’s drug-addled manipulations and refuses to enable her addictions any longer.


released January 17, 2014

“Loss of All Control” original artwork by Farzad Golpayegani ©2014
Guitars and everything else – real or virtual – by Cory Pettiford
Vocals by Jon Boylan & Warren Russell
Music and lyrics by Cory Pettiford & Warren Russell
©&℗ 2014 Quicksilver Night Productions (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved

Engineered and Co-produced by Warren Russell and Justin Sunday for Quicksilver Night Productions
Mastering by Boro Dimitrov at HiZ Productions

“Hooked (Bonus Vocal Mix)” Recorded, mixed, and mastered by BDub at Bob Wright Recording Studios in Hampton Roads, VA for Seven Cities Music ©2011 Quicksilver Night Productions



all rights reserved


Quicksilver Night Productions Yorktown, Virginia

Quicksilver Night Productions (QNP) is my music publishing and production company that also operates as a de facto record label. Although I jokingly refer to myself as “First Among Equals” at QNP and am deeply involved in all facets at every step of the way I know that can’t do this alone; I am very grateful for the support of my song-specific collaborators and tech-savvy friends. ... more

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Track Name: Loss of All Control (ft. Jon Boylan)
You feel a hunger deep down inside
I see it shining out from your eyes
It drives you, waking your darker side, calling…
Deprives you, stealing your alibis, falling…
Feel it coming.

Loss of all control!

You see it playing out in your head
A vision, blood-hot and pulsing red
It holds you soft in a fever dream, calling…
Enfolds you, silken and glistening, falling…
Feel it coming.

Loss of all control!
Track Name: Hooked (Bonus Vocal Mix)
I refuse to give in to your vanity; I have held these words inside for far too long
Disabused of any hope for sanity; it’s your Hell, I can’t abide or come along for the ride

I have always heard the eyes are windows to the soul. Well your lights are burning bright but there is nobody at home. You say it to my face; you’re only lying to yourself; I can see it written plainly like a book down off the shelf. You sell your self-respect for a shot at one more high that you never quite expect to hit but still you’ve got to try. You tell yourself the next one’s all you need to get you by. Deep breath, you genuflect and plunge the needle in your eye. In a white-knuckle euphoria afraid of losing grip until you wind up on the floor again and shaking from the trip, barely cheating death that in the end holds all the cards and declare beneath your breath “Never again” your hand to God. Then you smile, disingenuous although it hurts to breathe, all the while licking tattered lips and eyeing hungrily. In denial hollow protests of your own sincerity, in the vial precious remnants of the girl you used to be.

(The desperate need in your eyes brightly flashes, wolves in the night stalking beyond the fire, desolate dreams in your mind smoking ashes, far beyond sight walking high on your wire, oh yeah…)

I’ve been blamed for wallowing in self-pity. I am not the man you knew; I never was.
I’ve laid claim to following my destiny; I can’t save you when the game’s already lost, not this time…

(Deafening thoughts, your blood pounds with desire, insistent rhythms of covetous lust. Voices in your head a dissonant choir, cry for attention while speaking in tongues. When the dust settles again I won’t be here. A slow-motion train wreck, I’ve seen it before. The next time you crash back to Earth again, Angel, comes to the sound of me slamming the door behind…)